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DXN del puesto 22 al puesto 15 de las 100 empresas de ventas directas

Direct Selling News tonight announced its Global 100 list of top direct selling companies in the world.

Since 2004, DSN has been dedicated to telling stories focused on relating the opportunities direct sellers provide to millions of independent business owners around the globe. In 2009, the magazine thought it fitting to further recognize the industry by compiling the Global 100 list.

The DSN Global 100 list offers a unique perspective on the global impact of the industry on economic and social realms. It provides a range of mutual learning not only for industry members but also for researchers, investors and—most important—those seeking opportunities within the industry.

We thank all the companies that willingly participated in our survey as well as our dedicated team of researchers who helped us present to you the remarkable achievements of direct sellers around the globe.

The following contains the ranking for the 2019 DSN Global 100 (based on 2018 revenues), our annual list of the top revenue-generating direct selling companies in the world. The list is published in the June issue of Direct Selling News.

2019 Rank Company 2018 Revenue
1 Amway $8.80B
2 Avon Products Inc. $5.57B
3 Herbalife $4.90B
4 Infinitus $4.50B
5 Vorwerk $4.30B
6 Natura $3.67B
7 Nu Skin $2.68B
8 Coway $2.5B
9 Tupperware $2.0B
10 Young Living $1.9B
11 Oriflame Cosmetics $1.55B
12 Rodan + Fields $1.5B
13 Jeunesse $1.46B
14 Ambit Energy $1.3B
15 DXN Marketing Sdn Bhd $1.25B
16 Pola $1.24B
17 O Boticário $1.23B
18 USANA Health Sciences $1.19B
19 Belcorp $1.16B
20 Atomy $1.15B
21 Telecom Plus $1.09B
22 Yanbal International  $994M
23 Market America $837M
24 PM International $834M
25 Stream $800M
26 Team National  $734.5M
27 Amore Pacific $600M
28 Arbonne International $544M
29 Hinode $528M
30 Plexus $527M
31 OPTAVIA / Medifast, Inc. $501M
32 Miki $498M
33 Faberlic $463M
34 Scentsy $449M
35 Monat Global $435M
36 Younique $427M
37 For Days $385M
38 WorldVentures $377M
39 Cosway $368M
40 Nature’s Sunshine $365M
41 Prüvit $325M
41 Beautycounter $325M
43 4Life Research $324.9M
44 LG Household & Healthcare $304.5M
45 Family Heritage Life $294M
46 Vivint $290M
47 Noevir  $277M
48 Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC $275M
49 Pro-Partner $246M
50 Pure Romance $237M
51 Naturally Plus $236M
52 New Image Group $231M
53 proWIN International $230.2M
54 Morinda $230M
55 Menard $226.5M
55 CUTCO/Vector Marketing $226M
57 ARIIX $220M
58 SEACRET $211.5M
59 Southwestern Advantage $209M
60 LifeVantage $203M
61 Vida Divina $197M
62 KK Assuran $195M
63 Vestige Marketing $194M
64 NHT Global $192M
65 Hillary’s Blinds $185M
66 Giffarine Skyline Unity Co. $181M
67 BearCere’Ju $180M
68 Mannatech $173.5M
69 Youngevity $162M
70 Princess House $161M
71 Charle $159M
72 Diana $147M
73 Naris $137.5M
74 Maruko $130M
75 Marketing Personal $125M
76 Immunotec Research Ltd $120.5M
77 ASEA $120M
78 Color Street $119M
79 World Global Network $119M
80 Usborn Books & More $118M
81 C’BON Cosmetics $110M
82 Xyngular $109M
83 TruVision Health $106M
84 Zhulian $103M
85 Nefful $101M
86 MyDailyChoice / HempWorx $100M
87 Perfectly Posh $100M
88 Energetix $94.5M
90 Arsoa Honsha $90.5M
91 Best World Int’l Ltd $88M
92 Hai-O $87M
93 Koyo-sha $86M
94 Shinsei $79M
95 Captain Tortue $77M
96 Chandeal $72M
97 Grant E One’s $68M
98 Nikken $67.5M
99 Zinzino $67M
100 Pieroth Wein $60M
100 Medical Marijuana/Kannaway $60M

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